Dear Servant of God,
Warm Kingdom greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
The purpose of Ministers Alive is to strengthen Christian leaders and foster unity among them.
When Mary who was pregnant with Jesus greeted Elizabeth, the baby, John (vision) inside the womb of Elizabeth leaped. Genuine ministers of God are pregnant with visions of the Holy Spirit. Ministers Alive is designed to make the visions of such minister’s to leap.
Anyone called of God first to Himself, and then sent to the people must bleed sometimes if he or she chooses to walk at the center of God’s will concerning the heavenly assignment. Ministers Alive reaches out to ministers who though are celebrated publicly but bleed in hidden places, as well as fostering unity amongst them which was Jesus first prayer for unity in John 17:11.
Jesus told Peter that He has prayed for him, (Peter), and that when he is strengthened, he (Peter), should strengthen his brethren. (Luke 22:32).
As ministers, we need to strengthen one another in the Word, prayers and by sharing our practical experiences, standing on God’s Word.
The Words I bring to you are from God, but when an All Perfect God sends an imperfect vessel like me, the delivery may not be perfect. However, as a humble servant of God, please grasp the main substance regardless of my peculiar style. 
There is a time for everything. Ministers, who are expected to encourage each other, end up envying and criticizing each other, thus frustrating the grace of God poured out on us.
It’s time to lift up each other and not intimidate each other. It’s time to complement each other as we join hands to advance God’s Kingdom.
Spread the news of this vision to ministers across the world.
I hope to hear from you. Your gracious response will be an encouragement to me and this ministry.
Yours for His Kingdom,
Emmanuel Oje Ehimika (Preacherman).
Visionary, Ministers Alive.

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Your ministry is a divine assignment expressly given to you by the Holy Spirit to carry out amongst men. Success in the ministry is not gauged by size but by complete faithfulness to the assignment done according to the pattern revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. You may do a job very well but if that’s not what the Holy Spirit called and sent you to do; then you have .. Read More

Ministerial Quickies

God took time to prepare Abraham for Isaac and to prepare Isaac for Abraham. On mount Moriah, Abraham did not struggle with God and Isaac did not struggle with Abraham. Even the ram provided for the sacrifice was held in a thicket not to struggle with Abraham. When we allow God to take time to prepare us for ministry, we struggle less in ministry.Read More

Testimonies from Ministers

Then the Holy Spirit said a few words through me to both of them that, in all honesty, I can’t even remember today. I held the two pastors warmly and we embraced. Then suddenly, both of them embraced, and we returned to my Read More




“Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one as We are”. (John 17:11)

Those who recognize the work of grace in their own lives celebrate the grace of God in other ... Read More


The kind of information inside Ministers Alive is so relevant and helpful that though it’s free, I could easily have wanted to pay for it.”
“Preacherman has successfully proven that no matter how underprivileged or disadvantaged a man is, if ......Read More


No matter how spiritual a man is, God packages him in a physical body. Even Jesus was given a body to fulfill his ministry. “…But You have given Me a body…” Heb. 10:5.
Package your spiritual messages in beautiful physical “packs.”.. Read More



Da mihi locus standi, et terra movebo” (Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world).
I daresay that this dictum is apt, relevant and most appropriate to vividly illuminate on my odyssey hitherto as I ...   Read More


The purpose of our partnership is to speedily advance the kingdom of God, within borders given by the Holy Spirit. Since God thoroughly searches our hearts to see the motives behind every act; even with our partnership, .....Read More


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In the course of doing Ministry, we sometimes run into embarrassing; yet funny moments or we ourselves do things that when we look back after years of growth, become real fun.
Serious minded ministers will not sit in the seat of the scornful (Psalm 11 where God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit are being ridiculed in the name of entertainment. Yet we need to have a good laugh sometimes while calling to the deep.

I was a guest preacher in a Church. I taught the people scriptural principles of how to relate with their pastor to get the best for their lives.
After the two days' meeting, the pastor of the Church called me and said he cannot explain what happened and that people that had left the Church came back, when those who were present at my ministration shared the Word with them.
I can't be in every Church to share these truths with brethren but through Believers Alive leaflets congregations of pastors who partner with this ministry monthly will receive them.

This book is an invaluable empowerment that would surely add some value to any minister with a teachable spirit.
The relevant and significant place of virtues like humility, boldness, etc. are explained and emphasized as sound doctrines which a truly sent preacher needs to succeed.
The whole treatise has been enlivened with decent humor, analogies, and allegories that make for enjoyable reading while you laugh, meditate,  gain wisdom, pray spiritually and step up to new levels.


The Wonders of God audio CD contains some wonders of God in a dramatic presentation to bring them alive to Christians. The wonders are followed up with scriptural insights to make them applicable to each listener.
It’s a package that will thrill both parents and children while making them to always remember the wonders of God.
Please, note that we use our discretion to send partnership materials to partners depending on the level of financial partnership. Each recipient gets committed to monthly.
More materials will be on display with time.

In the eternal plan of God, it was decided that Solomon will be the richest king ever and he would build God the temple David desired to build. But here on earth, someone else, Adonijah, decided to seize the throne from which Solomon was meant to reign and fulfill that purpose of God. David, the father of both Solomon and Adonijah kept quiet; even though he knew that Solomon was the one he promised the throne. It was Nathan, a prophet of God that called Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba, to give attention to the issue of enthroning his son. (1Kings 1:2). Bathsheba would have said, it’s too late to act, I am busy with my career, business etc. But she acted swiftly and her son, Solomon, got back his rightful place. He ascended the throne, became the richest king ever and built God the Temple. He fulfilled that purpose while his mother fulfilled her purpose.
This is the STRATEGIC MOTHER vision which began in 2002. Click here for more details

The Jesus Dream is the most Unifying Christian worship Hour on Earth today. It takes place June 30 every year at 9PM Jerusalem time (all countries correlate their time).
It’s an hour when Christians of all denominations on earth declare the wonderful works of God wherever they are at the same hour as it was done on the day the church was manifested. Click here for more details


Profile of Emmanuel Oje Ehimika- Preacherman.Preacherman
Emmanuel Oje Ehimika
 simply called Preacherman, is a highly influential minister of God, whose ministry impacts millions across the world.
He is the Visionary of The Jesus Dream (TJD) Worldwide Worship Hour.
He hails from Okpuje in Owan West Local Government Area of Edo State, South-South Zone of Nigeria. Born in June 1960, he is an alumnus of the University of Benin, Benin-City, Edo State, Nigeria, where he bagged a degree in Economics in the year 1981.
In 1982, he pioneered the art of Academic Motivational talks in Nigeria, and on his request, in May 1996, the Federal Government of Nigeria organized a symposium where he addressed the first-ever lecture on Character Formation in Nigeria.
Emmanuel writes and publishes Ministers Alive magazine for pastors. The magazine which is considered by leaders as one of the most guileless literature in the body of Christ has attracted heart-warming testimonies and commendations from world renowned ministers of God.
In 2015, he wrote the Foreword to the world-famed and celebrated coffee table book, Living Waters for Kings and Presidents, received exclusively by Christian Kings and Queens, and Presidents of nations of the world, Senators, Governors, Prime Ministers, Judges and Mayors with testimonies of the impact in their lives.
Emmanuel and his “early” wife, Bisi, (who went to be with the Lord, in July 2018), are blessed with four children- Ehimehomo, Omolegho, Emmanuella and Enoch.
He is also blessed with dedicated staff and TJD partners.


Ministers Alive magazine is written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to practically encourage genuine Ministers of the gospel who choose the path of God in using available grace to fulfill their ministries; despite challenges and to foster unity among them.




The magazine evolves appropriate strategy and processes for achieving the desired goal, in pursuit of why it is packaged, published and given out free of charge to its target readership.
In addition, the visionary accepts invitations and attends, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, to minister at Ministers’ Conferences, in Churches; as well as utilising Radio/Television Outreaches; seizing such platforms to further encourage wider spectrum of Christian leaders.

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